Incredible Weight Loss Transformation at Elevate Fitness in Syracuse

“When I hit 300lbs I knew I had to make some serious lifestyle changes and I couldn’t do it alone. At first, Elevate was attractive to me for its location and variety of opportunities such as the pool, indoor track, and plethora of machines. I decided to do their free training interview and session and I was hooked. The trainer worked with me on my expectations, limitations and goals and together with a change in diet, I’m now 75lbs closer to my goal. Elevate has provided a great home for me to do that. ” – Ken M.

Amazing Weight Loss Transformation at Elevate Fitness in Syracuse

“The gym gave me the confidence I needed to get started, I was encouraged by every trainer that I worked with and have met some amazing people that have kept me going when I was struggling to lose weight.” – Valerie B.

Incredible Transformation at Elevate Fitness in Syracuse

“The gym has given me a place that I could be my self meet new people and grab my goals with like minded people like me.” – Roc

Awesome Transformation at Elevate Fitness in Syracuse

“Having the summer off was a great way for me to focus on exercise and diet! Within the month of July taking classes with David Cruz, joining the Elevate Run Club, and Mace [The Art of Steel] I was able to make amazing changes!” -Desiree J.

Elevate is an amazing gym where you will find the most dedicated and energetic coaches! I owe a huge debt of gratitude to David Cruz, Ariel Palone, Jeffrey Nappa and Darcy Dibiase for helping me get closer to my fitness goals. I am having so much fun getting healthier!
Timothy JX Hill​
Elevate Fitness Dewitt
It smells so clean and the people are very friendly. What I like the most is the vast array of available equipment. A person can have any work out that they want with what Elevate has available. This is a great gym to go to!
Tori Gushea
Elevate Fitness Liverpool
Monthly dues is LESS THAN 1 COPAY FOR PHYSICAL THERAPY !!!! Awesome place !!!! Heated pool, jacuzzi and EVERY weight machine u can think of... staff is friendly, knowledgeable and present... questuons answered w/out making u feel dumb for asking, anything u need help just ask... famous place, fabulous deal !!!!
Ruthie Wallace​
Elevate Fitness Liverpool
Great staff, new equipment in the gym area. Lots of classes offered. Great environment...
The Syhh​
Elevate Fitness Dewitt
Best Group Fitness classes around, not to mention the best instructors!
Jenn Modugno​
Elevate Fitness Dewitt
I love the workouts with great instructors and interesting programs.
Jim Harriff​
Elevate Fitness Dewitt
I love Elevate Fitness and love the classes and the trainers really care about everyone that comes to exercise. The people that come to gym or classes there that you exercise with always give you welcome and all of them are super friendly that you will always see smile on their face. Trainers are very good at motivating the customers and getting us excited about working out. Specially when they work out with you give you energy and push that you need. 😀 The classes are awesome there are for beginners and extreme exercises. Love the Kids Club that my kids love to be there with other kids to play with. Don't be shy to try it out!
Runa Hasan​
Elevate Fitness Liverpool
All my instructors are so nice and knowledgeable. My doctor said that my over all health is the best it’s been. I contribute that to my classes and eating the right foods.
Heidi Schauer
Elevate Fitness Liverpool
Elevate fitness is truly one stop shop for athletes, rehabilitation or strengthening. With them offering a track, pool, sauna, yoga room, spin room, weight room and much more. With a member charge that can't be beat!!! What need will anyone have to go any other gym?
James Collins
Elevate Fitness Liverpool
Well maintained equipment and a clean environment .Nice locker room.
David Middaugh​
Elevate Fitness Liverpool
Amazing gym been going for over 30 years and love them!
Myke Stanton
Elevate Fitness Liverpool
Been going there for 30 years . I’m very happy there !
Wendy Koldin
Elevate Fitness Dewitt

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