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“I’ve lost over 90 lbs. and am off my high blood pressure medication.  I’m down five pant sizes and can easily shop in the “regular” department now.  I feel better than I have in years and have a level of confidence I don’t ever recall having.  This translates into every aspect of my life.” – Kate L.

Kate Lost 90 Pounds at Elevate Fitness Gym in Syracuse
Incredible Transformation at Elevate Fitness in Syracuse

“The gym has given me a place that I could be my self meet new people and grab my goals with like minded people like me.” – Roc

“The gym gave me the confidence I needed to get started, I was encouraged by every trainer that I worked with and have met some amazing people that have kept me going when I was struggling to lose weight.” – Valerie B.

Amazing Weight Loss Transformation at Elevate Fitness in Syracuse
Awesome Transformation at Elevate Fitness in Syracuse

“Having the summer off was a great way for me to focus on exercise and diet! Within the month of July taking classes with David Cruz, joining the Elevate Run Club, and Mace [The Art of Steel] I was able to make amazing changes!” -Desiree J.

“When I hit 300lbs I knew I had to make some serious lifestyle changes and I couldn’t do it alone. At first, Elevate was attractive to me for its location and variety of opportunities such as the pool, indoor track, and plethora of machines. I decided to do their free training interview and session and I was hooked. The trainer worked with me on my expectations, limitations and goals and together with a change in diet, I’m now 75lbs closer to my goal. Elevate has provided a great home for me to do that. ” – Ken M.

Incredible Weight Loss Transformation at Elevate Fitness in Syracuse
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Adam SummersAdam Summers
10:46 15 Apr 23
I was given the opportunity of a free fitness consultation. Austin F., answered the call. He is professional by heart. He showed me numerous workouts & techniques that I hadn’t tried in my whole fitness journey. It’s clear to me that Austin loves serving others and takes his work seriously. If you’re new or a veteran on your fitness journey, Austin F., is the man to call.
Murad AmurlayevMurad Amurlayev
07:05 15 Dec 22
Have been coming here for years even when it was the old golds gym. Elevate Owner did a fantastic job. Welcoming staff always greet you with a smile, Well kept machines and locker rooms are very clean. Other Gym goers are respectful as well. overall very good environment! Highly recommend
18:34 02 Jul 22
I have belonged to quite a few different gyms over the years, mostly due to not finding what I particularly need. Without name dropping there are gyms out there that have more treadmills/machines than free weights,kettlebells,ropes,sleds,the works. The real things that I need for a workout to be effective over time. Im not saying machines are all bad, as i utilize them on rare occasions. But gyms need to realize if they want members from a wide group,they have to cater to what each fitness type needs. With all that being said this is one of the better gyms I have belonged too. They have plenty of classes, personal training is amazing, they are always getting new equipment and their staff is very friendly and helpful. This is also the cleanest gym I’ve ever set foot In. Even while you are there you can see multiple people cleaning areas.
Ken AlnuttKen Alnutt
19:35 18 Feb 22
Absolutely the best gym in Syracuse. Lots of amenities. Sauna, whirlpool, 3 lane swimming pool, free weights, machines, and tons more. I used to be a member at the Liverpool location and was really happy with the cleanliness of that location, and the DeWitt location has yet to let me down in that dept as well. What I really want to commend this business for is its staff. Those folks are always there to answer any and all questions we may have. They're kind, courteous and down to earth and Always striking conversation. Moving back to Elevate was the best decision for myself and family.
Friar Rick RiccioliFriar Rick Riccioli
20:00 20 Dec 21
Grateful to have a gym that takes the health of the staff and members seriously. The owner works out alongside with you. This is no run-of-the-mill “investment “ for some distant owner. These guys care. The machines are always working, the place is immaculate and the trainers awesome; especially the head man David Cruz.
Keri LevensKeri Levens
16:10 15 Dec 21
I have never been a gym person, but after Covid I really needed to get in shape. I signed up for personal training at Elevate and was paired with Aaron. He has made a huge difference for me. I look forward to our training sessions, he's so knowledgeable and kind and pushes me right to my limit. He has honestly made working out enjoyable for me, and I can see results already. Thanks Aaron!
yerfran guerrayerfran guerra
00:02 25 Jun 22
I barely see it and the place looks very good, I have never been to the site, not even to the US, but I must imagine that it would be the best to be in that place. I hope one day to be able to travel to such a prestigious country, greetings from Venezuela.
Jeffrey BerezinJeffrey Berezin
00:44 24 Apr 22
Great place to go. Very friendly staff. I play tennis here and take pickleball lessons from Judy who is an excellent teacher and makes the classes very fun.
Samantha StamSamantha Stam
23:07 19 Apr 22
My husband and I just started going back here. We continued our membership through COVID but didn't go during that time. Since we have been back I have to say things have changed and are much better. If I did this review a couple years ago, I don't think I would be giving it a 5 star review but now it definitely deserves it. Many machines to choose from, hours are convenient, not too crowded, friendly staff, and not pricey. Check this place out if your looking for a gym.Only downfall they changed was taking away the child care section, but the good outweighs the bad.
Carrie l AllenCarrie l Allen
19:43 22 Feb 22
Expert advice even when finishing PT next door @Sports PT of NY.
Lynn OwensLynn Owens
16:18 16 Oct 21
Love the gym and the trainers. Thanks so much

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