Why Choose a Gym Over a Fitness Studio

Which Is Better - a gym or a fitness studio?

You can’t drive much more than a block these days without passing a fitness studio of some sorts. From barre to kickboxing to boot camps to HIIT – there seems to be a studio for every type of exercise you can imagine.

There’s a reason these studios are popping up all over – more people are realizing the benefits of physical fitness than ever before, and in response, there are a ton of studios out there ready to promise you the world and take your money.

So why choose a traditional gym or fitness center when there are so many trendy studios to choose from instead? We’re glad you asked. Here are five reasons to choose a gym over a fitness studio.

  1. Convenience: Most studios have a schedule of classes or workouts throughout the week to choose from. Most people pick a schedule and that’s it – that’s when they’re working out. Most gyms, however, offer classes and workouts at scheduled times just like the studios AND give you the option to work out on your own for SEVERAL additional hours throughout the day meaning you’ll never have to use your schedule as an excuse for missing a workout.
  2. Cost: Usually, we prefer to talk about value, after all, spending a dollar on a cup of coffee has a different value than spending a dollar on an entire meal does, right? But even using basic cost as a comparison, you’ll find that you’ll spend less on a monthly membership at a gym than you would on a program at a studio. Why? It’s simple: gyms have more members so they don’t need to charge each individual as much to create a sustainable business model.
  3. Variety: Back to the value point – if you join a kickboxing studio, you’re going to get pretty tired of kickboxing after a while and then what other options will you have? But at a gym like Elevate Fitness, if you get tired of lifting weights, you can try swimming, or if you’re tired of the pool, you can try group fitness classes. Greater variety will mean greater value.
  4. Experience: Gyms take a lot more to open and operate than a studio, so you’ll usually find that most gyms have been around a while and they’re likely to be around for a while. Take Elevate Fitness as an example, Elevate has been a staple of the community (in one form or another) for over thirty years. Those years translate into experience that you can use to your advantage.
  5. Expertise: Gyms are larger than studios. They, therefore, have larger staffs than studios. You get the advantage of having the knowledge and support of so many people with so many specialties and areas of expertise when you join a gym. Elevate has personal trainers, yoga instructors, Pilates instructors, swim coaches, weight loss coaches, tennis pros, spinning instructors, etc. With so many people with so many areas of expertise, you’re getting more for your money (again) and getting more value from your membership!

We’re not saying studios are bad. Ultimately the best workout is the one you’ll actually do – and you have to decide for yourself where that is. But if you’re struggling with choosing between a studio and a traditional gym, keep these benefits in mind as you make your decision.

Need more help making a decision that’s right for you? Let the experts at Elevate Fitness answer your questions: